Thanks again for the response, Marley K; you are patient.

I appreciate your help. Perhaps I am naive — esp when I attempt to talk about other peoples’ reading lists. I was enamored by Jesmyn Ward’s books during the last couple of years. Good stories that sound like a human being wrote them. Some others I do not know.

I can study on AOC, but I liked her from the start because she is not an old white Congressman-for-life millionaire, like Mitch; and Trump hates her. I know that does not mean she is a voice for you personally.

I like that the FDR’s New Deal got us out of the depression by giving good jobs, WPA sidewalks & bridges I still can walk on, CCC, and TVA that brought electricity to Appalachia, so the Green New Deal sounded good to me, and iconoclastic — if many establishment figures hate it — I’m drawn toward it.

The rest of “the squad” also seem like good additions to the white male government to me. (Not that I hate all white males — I am white & male so I better love some of them :-) else I cannot practice compassion.

But I will not pretend to understand everyone. I do not know why Ben Carson supports Trump, as much as I cannot see Betsy DeVoss being in charge of Education.

I do not ever want to say that there are not an infinite variety of individuals among any “group.” That’s a fact.

Thanks for skin folks are kin folks! That cannot be disputed, so America ought to start working at that meeting point.

I’ll do my best, try to arrive with an open heart, & take it from there.

We all are equal, Atheists, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Other, female, male, questioning. Education: B.A. Liberal Studies, M.A. Applied Linguistics

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